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Fun & Entertainment Submitted By: mani [Karachi]

Dilpasand Cattle Farm Cow Mandi Pictures/Photos 2016 Sohrab Goth

Dilpasand Cattle Farm Cow Mandi Pictures/Photos 2016 Sohrab Goth
Dilpasand Cattle Farm Cow Mandi Pictures/Photos 2016 Sohrab Goth, Heavy size White Bachra Bull and Cow Also in Dilpasand cattle farm 2016.
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hamza (Karachi) Sep 09, 2016
dilpasand cattle farm 2016 farm bull and cow are great but this time mawashi mandi cow and bull rate is to much high, yesterday I visited cow mandi sohrab goth but rate was to much high.
ashfaq (Karachi) Sep 08, 2016
i agree with arif, dilpasand cattle farm this year cow and bull are not famous as campier to last few years of dilpasand cattle farm bull.
arif (Karachi) Sep 06, 2016
This year dilpasand cattle farm 2016 not famous like last few years, I have to go Dilpasand cattle farm at sohrab goth cow mandi, but some one says this year not good mawashi mandi cattle farm of Dilpasand.
Talha (Karachi) Sep 05, 2016
I visited Dilpasand Cattle Farm, the farm were very big and there were very big cows in Dilpasand Cattle Farm. Peoples are entertaining after visiting the Dilpasand Cattle Farm. Majority of the peoples come mandi only to see the cows of Dilpasand Cattle Farm.
maqsood (Karachi) Sep 05, 2016
Often I see this dilpasand cattle farm 2016 at cow mandi cow, this is one of the best cow at Mawashi mandi sohrab goth Karachi, the price is almost near 5 lack.
Zafar (Karachi) Sep 03, 2016
Beautiful cows and bulls are their in dilpasand cattle farm...I used to go every year their with my family and this year also will visut soon inshaAllah...
Hamza (Karachi) Sep 02, 2016
Last year Dilpasand Cattle brings a 4 Singh Goat, it was a very beautiful and a very big, peoples especially visit mandi to see that goat.
Daniyal (Karachi) Sep 02, 2016
I watched beutifull cow pics on this surmawala cow mandi i must will visit this mandi inshaAllah this year....
sadiq (Karachi) Sep 02, 2016
We will go today Mawashi mandi Karachi and wants to go Dilpasand Cattle Farm, what is the location of Dilpasand Cattle Farm 2016 in cow mandi Karachi, thanks...
Zark (Karachi) Sep 01, 2016
Dilpasand Cattle Farm cow are very big and very beautiful this year, i visit Dilpasand Cattle Farm, the media is also there for covering their channel.
ali (Karachi) Sep 01, 2016
Love the dilpasand cattle farm white cow, dilpasand cattle farm always show beautiful and heavy bull and cow.
sajid (Karachi) Aug 30, 2016
I like this dilpasand cattle farm 2016 cow, what is the price of this dilpasand cattle farm cow?
saeed (Karachi) Aug 29, 2016
Dilpasand cattle farm this white color cow is so nice and beautiful, I feel like to sea this Dilpasand cattle farm 2016 cow live.
hanif (Karachi) Aug 27, 2016
This white cow of Dilpasand Cattle Farm is awesome, I like this Dilpasand Cattle Farm 2016 at cow mandi Karachi, may be possible today I will go Mawashi mandi Karachi, what is the current location of Dilpasand Cattle Farm at cow mandi Karachi.
Shezi (Karachi) Aug 16, 2016
Dilpasand Cattle Farm name is getting popular day by day, they made their self with these animals, if they dont have these cows there business will not come on top.
Zark (Karachi) Aug 16, 2016
My friend bought cow from Dilpasand Cattle Farm, it an awesome and very heavy cow, i wish to visit the Dilpasand Cattle Farm, they bring the heaviest cows in their farm.
zaki (Karachi) Aug 10, 2016
Dilpasand Cattle Farm 2016 is great, my friends go cow mandi at Dilpasand Cattle Farm 2016 its awesome.
Waqar (Islamabad) Aug 08, 2016
I am out of Karachi because of some problems that why i am unable to visit the cow mandi, i go mandi especially to visit Dilpasand Cattle farm and i also buy cow from Dilpasand Cattle farm, i will be back in some and In Sha Allah i will visit mandi.
tariq (Karachi) Aug 04, 2016
Dilpasand Cattle Farm 2016 when start is cow mandi Karachi, I want to go this saturday in gai cow mandi Karachi with family.
imtiaz (Karachi) Aug 04, 2016
Its true most heavy bacray, bachya and bulls are in dilpasand cattle farm, cow mandi sohrab goth Karachi, please update us date of start cow gya mandi Karachi.
jasim (Karachi) Oct 05, 2015
Dilpasand cattle farm cows are always my most favorite all of the vip cows in cattle farm I specially vist the sohrab goth mandi to watch the animals of Dil Pasand cattle farm.
faisal (karachi) Sep 30, 2015
this year Dilpasand Cattle Farm get the highest paid cattle farm they have a lot expensive cows in their cattle farm and I really like their animals.
Nimra (Hyderabad) Sep 28, 2015
I have seen best pictures of DilPasand Cattle FArm cow Mandi no other farm has uploaded the best pics of cows in their page like DIlpasand cattle farm.I had so much fun of watching the farm pics and videos.
asim (karachi) Sep 22, 2015
These day the cattle farm of the Sohrab Goth mandi is the most highly popular and most discuss place in the people in the days of Eid Ul Fitar especially the Dil Pasand Cattla farm house animals.
Hamza (Karachi) Sep 15, 2015
Nowadays people love to take selfies and as bakra eid is near and most of the people love to see beautiful cows and showing off selfies with big bulls and beautiful cows is also become trend in Fb or other social network. Dilpasand cattle farm is a best place to have good selfies for that purpose.
sharjel (Karachi) Sep 14, 2015
I visited the Dil Pasand cattle farm in my visit of Sohrab Cattle yard to see the VIP animals of Dil pasand cattle farm and I saw a lot of heavy animal their in the DilPasand cattle farm.
Nadeem (Karachi) Sep 08, 2015
DIlpasand cattle farm of sohrab goth cow Mandi have a big name of selling big bulls in good price. My nephew has bougth a stall there of selling 5 beautiful cows he had.He grows them with so much care that's why the prices are high. Every maweshi there has a good price because they all grown up with high cost.
Akram (Karachi) Sep 06, 2015
Dilpasand cattle farm has more beautiful maweshi's this year as compare to last year. I had a very good experience this time of visiting that farm me and my friends enjoyed a lot there on weekend.
akram (Karachi) Sep 05, 2015
I visited today the Dilpasand cattle farm and I get pleasant surprise that Dil Pasand cattle farm has got the best animal this year in all of the sohrab goth mandi.
sharjeel (Karachi) Aug 29, 2015
last time in the Eid Ul Adha the Dil Pasand has the most expensive and best ever animal in the total cattle farm of the Sohrab Goth mandi and I really like all the animals of the Dil Pasand Cattle farm.
Sameerby (Karachi) Aug 29, 2015
Surmawala cattle farm of sohrab goth cow mandi have very much expensive Maveshi's for qurbani. I have a very bad experience of last year. no any maveshi i have found there in my range for Qurbani. This place is good only for enjoy watching beautiful maweshi's.
amanullah (quetta) Aug 26, 2015
Just can not express the beauty of the above one in words and hats off to dilpasand cattle farm and their staff who as always use to prepare exceptional beauties and heavy weighted cows and bulls for sacrifice..
minhaj (rohri) Aug 22, 2015
I belong from a minor city of Sindh, rohri but have a wish that i could be there at sohrab goth cow mandi once to watch the beauties produced by dilpasand cattle farm and the photo above encourages me alot...
hamiz (Karachi) Aug 21, 2015
The most alluring nukhra i have ever seen in my entire life and just wonder how it will actually look like when the organizers of Amir dilpasand cattle farm will prepare it up to look like even more ravishing..
naeem (Karachi) Aug 21, 2015
Last time on the Eid Ul Adha I think Amir Dil Pasand cattle yard had the most expensive cows in their cattle farm in all of the cattle farm in the mandi of Sohrab goth.
Ali (Karachi) Aug 20, 2015
This year pictures are sensational best work by admin of this site....You guys are just dominating VIP cattle farms.Please do tell will the camels are available in Dilpasand cattle farm for Qurbani?
ahsan (karachi) Aug 18, 2015
I always got delighted whenever i used to see the pictures of bulls and cows that belongs to dilpasand cattle farm and as always i my eyes are forcing me to stick at such a beauty as above.
hamza (Karachi) Aug 14, 2015
This is my favorite hobby to visit Cattle form of Dilpasand on the every year of Eid Ul Adha. I really like the animals of Dil pasand cattle form. Dil Pasand cattle forms is the best cattle form in all other cattles form.
Alisha (Karachi) Aug 12, 2015
Very beautiful and nice cow pic Masha Allah. How much is the cost of this beautiful cow. I wish to have same innocent and beautiful cow this year.
PERVAIZ (hyderabad) Aug 11, 2015
Dilpasand cattle farm have always been successful in producing such nukhri cows and bulls and the cow in the picture is the most beautiful from them i have ever seen.
khawar (karachi) Aug 08, 2015
I have never visited dilpasand cattle farm before but after going through this picture i really want to have a visit there once..for letting know about how these beasts actually look like in real life.
Ahmer (Karachi) Aug 05, 2015
I have never visited Dilpasand cattle farm cow Mandi but seen best pictures of cows and bulls of that Mandi on net. I have no information when this Mandi is going to start selling cows and bulls this year. I must will go there this time and will buy cow for this Eid Insha Allah from there.
moin (Karachi) Aug 04, 2015
It is so beautiful cow in sohrab goth Dilpasand Cattle Farm, always Dil pasand show in market awesome cow and bull in gaya mandi sohrab goth. When will start cow mandi 2015 in sohrab goth.
sumair ganatra (karachi) May 22, 2014
salam, please send you phone number i want to talking you..........
ali (karachi) Oct 04, 2013
hame 35 tak ki cow chahiye plz dikhao koi cow
ibad (karachi) Oct 03, 2013
Best cow dilpasand
Haroon (Karachi) Sep 07, 2013
This animal looks very dangerous. nice photos thanks for uploading
Shahab (Sakkhar) Sep 05, 2013
We always buy white cattle, in the previous year our cow was superb in whole neighborhood, she was also white, now i have selected this cattle, can you tell me where to buy it, she is so pretty and looks health as well..
osama (Karachi) Aug 26, 2013
dilpasand cows always good
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